From Bench to Bedside: Shaping the Future of Advanced Therapies

CCRM Nordic, based in Gothenburg Sweden, supports academic, small, and large industrial ATMP developers to translate research and early-stage clinical programs into treatments for patients.

Specialized Expertise and Research Facilities

Transitioning from lab to patient is complex, involving new requirements and standards like GMP. We offer the specialized expertise and research facilities needed to navigate these challenges. By doing so, we aim to be a key driver in Sweden’s strategic vision for 2030 to be a leader in the ATMP field.

Pioneering Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

CCRM Nordic is a not for profit organization at the heart of Sweden’s strategic aim for leadership in life sciences. Our purpose is to address bottlenecks in the translation and commercialization of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) in Sweden, the Nordics and Europe.

A Life Science Powerhouse with Global Reach

CCRM Nordic is one of several hubs in the CCRM network with the aim to coordinate and optimize opportunities in the field of regenerative medicine.

“We are excited about Sweden’s initiative to launch an accelerator and build process development and clinical-stage facilities in support of the ATMP sector for the Nordic region. We look forward to seeing the Nordic region join with like-minded hubs from across the globe.“

Michael May 

CCRM Global

History and Background

The CCRM model was originally developed in 2011 in Canada as a collaboration between the public and private sectors. CCRM Nordic is based on the same concept, however it is legally separate to CCRM. CCRM Nordic is supported by the Swedish government to fill significant gaps in the ATMP ecosystem.

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CCRM Global & Industry Consortium

As a member of the global CCRM network, CCRM Nordic connects to an international consortium, extending our reach from Sweden to Canada, Australia and beyond.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission are the driving forces behind our commitment to making Sweden a leader in ATMPs. We are dedicated to overcoming medical, technological, and system barriers in advanced therapies.

“We benefit patients by enabling commercialization of advanced therapies.”

Meet the Team

Our team comprises experts with extensive knowledge in ATMP development and translation as well as business strategy. We are committed to transforming ATMPs from early-stage research into later-stage healthcare solutions.